© GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

© GDKE, U. Pfeuffer


Mainz State Museum © GDKE, U. Rudischer
Mainz State Museum

One of the oldest museums in Germany
The state museum’s collection covers the art and cultural history of the region from the Stone Age to the present day.

Landskron castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Landskron castle ruins

The crown of the Upper Rhein lowlands
The castle has been converted into a palace and has served as a royal residence many times over the centuries.

Schwabsburg castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Schwabsburg castle ruins

Alone amid the vineyards
The medieval fortress served to protect and preserve the Hohenstaufen power in and around Nierstein and Oppenheim.

Frauenburg castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Frauenburg castle ruins

Loretta’s refuge
These well-preserved ruins, which were the home of the fearless widow Loretta of Sponheim, have an idyllic location in the forest.

Altenbaumburg © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Altenbaumburg castle ruins

Ancestral Castle of the Raugraves
The castle belongs to the former fortified triangle around Bad Münster am Stein.

Mainz, Rhenish Hesse and Hunsrück region © GDKE, U.Pfeuffer
Other monuments

Following in the footsteps of many a traveller through the Mainz, Rhenish Hesse and Hunsrück region.